The SSCC is based in the heart of old Stony Stratford and has three immaculately kept lawns open for use all year round. With club and fun days plus league matches, visitors and tuitions, there’s always something going on.
Check out our activities below….but first we have an important request…

New Club House Roof Required

Croquet is a fun, social and stimulating outdoor sport that is ideal to keep mature people active. However, we also need a warm space to retire to for companionship and a warm drink when the weather is cold and wet. The recent spate of excess cold, snow and rain has damaged our clubhouse roof meaning there are more buckets than chairs! leading to a cold and damp clubhouse.
Achieving our Crowdfunding target will enable us to fix the roof quickly and thus encourage our members to keep coming in the winter months to maintain their fitness and mental health by joining in with others.
We would be grateful for any donations however small.  Thank you.  DONATE


The lawns are available to use every day and members are permitted to play on them at any time. Most days you will find a member or two practising their strikes.

League and friendly matches are arranged with other clubs such as Watford, Northampton, Leighton Buzzard to name but a few.

There is an admission charge of £5. These days help to boost club funds and also give new members a chance to meet some of the other players. They are held throughout the year.

Several of our members are coaches and a warm welcome with some friendly advice can be given to anyone wishing to join, especially novices.

The Club House also has its own facilities for making refreshments, a seating area plus room for mallets to be stored. There are also toilets on site for the club’s sole use.

The Club is also part of a Sports Trust, which also hosts tennis, cricket and bowls on the same site, see aerial picture below.

~ Want to know the History of our 100 yr old club – read on….