~ 1913 ~
On 29th March, 1913 Mr Frederick Thomas Shillingford Ancell made a Will with details of a Trust he wished to set up to benefit the residents of Stony Stratford. 

~ 1919 ~
When Mr Ancell died in 1919 the first Trustees were Mr Worley, Dr Powell and Mr Woollard. It was not long after the Trust was set up before requests for grants were received from residents, clubs and organisations of Stony Stratford. 

~ 1921 ~
The trust purchased land from Mr Calladine and the Radcliffe Trust. Having agreed a price in 1921, it was then necessary to employ a grounds man, build fences, walls, divert the footpath and plan the layout of the ground for various sports.

~ 1923 ~
The Stony Stratford Ladies Croquet Club opened in early 1923.

~ 1930 ~
In the early part of 1930 a railway carriage as donated from the Wolverton Works and the Croquet Club used it for the next 60 years.

~ 1993 ~
In 1993 the carriage was finally given to Quainton Railway Trust. It has been fully restored and it is now on display!

~ 1940-60’s ~
During and immediately following World War II the membership of the Stony Stratford Ladies Croquet Club dwindled and it was only kept going by 10 stalwart members

~ 1963 ~
Eventually the decision was taken to make the club mixed and by 1963 men were allowed to join. The annual fee being
2s / 6d.

~ 2002 ~
In 2002 the club joined the Croquet Association and have been playing competitively with other UK clubs ever since.

~ 2022 ~
Membership of this local historic club has gone from strength to strength over the past few years to the extent that it now stands at full capacity with a long waiting list.
Like all good things though it’s worth the wait!
~ 2023 ~

100 year Anniversary