Pam Hughes – Passed Away Aged 99

It is with sadness that we recently heard that Pam passed away after a short illness on 4th May 2017 aged 99 years. Her son Rupert got in touch with the sad news and said that Pam always remembered her happy days playing croquet at Stony Stratford and often talked about those times. He wished us well as a club, something I’m sure Pam would have endorsed.

Pam and friends 2
Pam and SSCC friends

Some of you may have noticed the Croquet Association Diploma which is framed and on the wall in the club-house. This was awarded to Pam for her many, many years of service to the game and to our club and she features in many of the photographs in the club’s albums.

I’m sure many of you will remember Pam with fondness for her indomitable spirit and that never to be forgotten cry of anguish when her shot didn’t quite go where she had intended, not that it happened that often.

Pam (in purple) and her SSCC friends
Pam (in purple) and her SSCC friends